Homemade by Ebba – INTRO * 1st Serie

Homemade with Ebba is redefining modern family TV cooking shows. It is a breath of fresh air hosted by Ebba, a natural, authentic talent that effortlessly connects with her audience. Her passion and love of cooking is contagious and effortlessly transmits to the audience the confidence to try all that she does in their own kitchen.

Homemade with Ebba is much more than a cooking show. It also focuses on health, nutrition and concern for the environment. The show has received strong feedback from audiences. Many report that the entire family enjoys watching it together – even with very young children who then want to try the green juice they’ve just seen prepared! The show is designed to be light, happy and beautiful. The clips are inviting and Ebba dazzles the audience with her charm, humor and natural beauty. The layout, colors and set design are a great mixture of both modern and vintage and filled with warm expressions of family elements.

Homemade by Ebba (Eldað með Ebbu) is distributed worldwide by Off the fence


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