Chocolate Pudding – Stevia

Chocolate pudding

1 ripe banana
2 ripe small avocadoes or 1 big
3 tbsp organic almond milk or other milk you prefer (or water)
2-3 tbsp coldpressed coconut oil
1 small tsp peppermint or vanilla Via-Health Stevia (25-30 drops)
3 tbsp organic cacao
3 dates, soaked in 1-2 tbsp of water
1/2 tsk vanilla (optional)

Put your coconut oil jar in warm water (around 40 degrees) for around 10 minutes to make it runny. Blend everything well together in your blender or with a handheld blender. Serve with fresh seasonal (organic) berries. You can also serve it with whipped cream if you like.

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