Chocolate Cake – Stevia

Chocolate cake!

180g walnuts
40g cacao (or 7-8 tbsp)
2 tbsp Carob powder (or cacao)
2 tbsp coldpressed coconut oil
100g dates, chopped
50ml warm water
1 small tsp vanilla Via-Health Stevia (around 25-30 drops)
¼ tsp cinnamon

If you have time you can soak your dates in 50 ml of water for a few hours (and then you don’t need more water when making the base).

In your food processor grind your walnuts fine. Add the rest and mix until this starts to resemble a dough that sticks well together. Put in a 26cm oven proof cake dish for example or other you like. Pop the cake into your freezer while you make the frosting.


40g cacao butter (or coldpressed coconut oil)
80-100ml coconut milk or almond milk
80g chopped dates (I recommend soaking them for an hour in the tiniest bit of water, around 30ml, so they will become soft
30g cashew nuts (soaked for 1-8 hours)
1 small tsp peppermint Via-Health Stevia (around 25-30 drops)
5 tbsp cacao
1 tbsp carob (or more cacao)

Heat gently and slowly together the cacao butter and almond/coconut milk until the cacao butter is melted (start with 80 ml and add more if you need to later on). Put everything into your food processor (also the water the dates were soaked in) and blend high-speed until you have a lovely frosting.

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