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The loveliest salad dressing ever (unsweetened)

I love salad dressings. I can eat salad all day if I have the right dressing. Here is another one, where I use organic honey. It's delicous as well! :)   The recipe for this one is simply:   1 good tsp tahini or almond butter 60ml coldpressed olive oil Just a tiny bit of sea salt (optional but lovely)   Stir well in a jar or glass and pour over your salad!   What I love on my salad is lots of hemp seeds, ripe mango or dried cranberries (or both)....

Hummus, I love you hummus!

Hummus is an abselutely wonderful, inexpensive protein food, packed with calcium as well as healthy fats. I love it with cut vegetables as a dip! Takes around 5 minutes to make.

What’s so great about tahini?

I love tahini ♥ I use it in my shakes, hummus, salad dressings & in my babyfood (when I made babyfood, seems like ages ago now!:) Tahini is a superfood. It is a sesame seed butter. It has served me and my family well. Tahini contains healthy essential fats, loads of calcium, iron, protein, magnesium, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-B and more. I recommend organic unhulled raw tahini. (Hulled tahini does not use the whole sesame seed. As a result there is less calcium, protein and vitamins). I don't ...