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What When Babyfood List

Here you have guidelines to help you out regarding when you can start feeding your baby different kinds of healthy foods. This is not carved in stone .. it's merely a guideline that might also help parents remember to feed their baby something healthy that they are not used to eating themselves :) If you start giving your baby solids around 4 months old you can still start giving the foods in the 6 month column. No worries! :) To be able to monitor if your baby as an allergic reaction ...

Organic Yoghurt with chia seeds and linseed oil for babies from 9 months

and adults for that matter! This is the easiest babyfood to make on the planet. It is very cunning indeed to have your children get use to healthy foods that takes no time to prepare. This will benefit you and them in the future, trust me! This one is very simple to prepare, extremely good for the gut flora, the stools, the brain, beautiful skin, endurance and excellent digestion. I also love this simple food dearly. *I often (for myself) add all kinds of fresh berries/fruits that ...

Mango or pear & avocado babyfood

♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ For babies 6 months and older. Please take a look at the what*when list to help you out.

What’s so great about tahini?

I love tahini ♥ I use it in my shakes, hummus, salad dressings & in my babyfood (when I made babyfood, seems like ages ago now!:) Tahini is a superfood. It is a sesame seed butter. It has served me and my family well. Tahini contains healthy essential fats, loads of calcium, iron, protein, magnesium, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-B and more. I recommend organic unhulled raw tahini. (Hulled tahini does not use the whole sesame seed. As a result there is less calcium, protein and vitamins). I don't ...

Pear with Goji berries and Chias, babyfood

I favor organic pure produce ♥ Here you can see my Pyrex 500 ml measuring jug and handheld blender that are a perfect match for making small (or quite big) babyfood portions as well as the Goji berries in the back being soaked. ♥ I favor organic pure produce.

Almond milk

♥ I use organic almonds. ♥ From my book; What should I feed my baby? Almonds are a true superfood. They are packed with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, protein, iron, essential fat, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-B and niacin. My life is better since I started eating almonds and feeding them and almond milk to my family. When our body is well nourished from pure, whole (not processed!), organic foods that contain good fats and protein, we eat less because we need less. This is ...

Date and chocolate cake

♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ From my book; What should I feed my baby? ♥ This one is a firm favorite with everybody, easy to make, nutritious and soooo delectable and lovely ..

Quick, easy and healthy spelt naan bread

♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ From my book; What should I feed my baby? ♥ This lovely spelt naan bread is extremely easy to make. I have made it with my vegetable soups and stews for billion years now! It's a recipe from my lovely  

My Grandma’s bread

♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ From my book; What should I feed my baby?

Apple porridge, babyfood

I favor organic pure produce ♥ For babies from 7 months Dear parents, here you have finger food suggestions for your baby and here you have the What*When babyfood list to guide you. If you make this for your baby, you can keep the leftovers in your fridge in a glass jar with a lid. And best to divide this into 3 portions right away. This porridge will keep for 1-2 days if baby's saliva has not come in contact with it. It is considered best to discard food which has come in contact ...