Avocado as a babyfood is wonderful!

♥ Avocado from 6 months (4 months if your baby starts eating sooner) a wonderful babyfood!

I love avocado and so do all babies I know who have been given it since they were young. I highly recommend avocado for young babies (and their parents for that matter!) and it is an excellent first food. It has the essential fat that is so important to all of us, vitamin-E and fine protein. When babies have dry or hard stools avocado comes to the rescue (along with coldpressed flaxseed and hempseed oil and Chia seeds!).

Like any other fruit the avocado has to be ripe before we eat it. If you buy it hard it should sit at room temperature until it becomes a little softer. It ripens faster if it is sitting next to a banana, not kidding! When the narrower end becomes soft and the avocado all yields to gentle pressure, it is ripe and ready to be eaten. When ripe, the avocado is easy to cut and spoon out the green flesh. However if it has a tiny spot of brown flesh you just cut it away and discard it but if it is all brown/black you have to throw it all away. Also, if it never ripens, never becomes soft and it is never possible to really spoon out the flesh I throw it away as well.

When it is ripe you move it to the fridge where it keeps for a week or so. When you want to use it in a purée for your baby (or yourself) you slice it through, but be careful, there is a big stone in the middle, which you discard (just squeeze it out!) and spoon out the flesh.

To begin with you can puree the avocado with breastmilk, organic formula, water, organiccoconut water or fresh/organic carrot juice. Later, maybe an apple, steamed carrot, pear, banana or whatever. It takes on the flavor of the other fruit since it does not have a distinct flavor by itself. I often puree it with an apple in a pure apple, mango or peach juice with a little vanilla and put some superfoods in it. It is my green super yogurt!

When babies first start eating they are only able to eat very little, so they probably cannot finish a whole avocado. What you can do in that case is to store the half with the stone in it in a closed container and it will keep in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

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