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Christmas caramel ice-cream

This is a recipe from a Christmas Special aired on our state owned channel in Iceland, RUV, in December 2014. I hope you enjoy it :) Homemade with Ebba is distributed world wide by Off the fence.

Yeast free Cheese buns

This is a recipe from the first season of Homemade with Ebba, which is distributed world wide by Off the fence.

Bloopers (Homemade with Ebba)

What could possibly go wrong .. ? :)

Homemade by Ebba – INTRO * 1st Serie

Homemade with Ebba is redefining modern family TV cooking shows. It is a breath of fresh air hosted by Ebba, a natural, authentic talent that effortlessly connects with her audience. Her passion and love of cooking is contagious and effortlessly transmits to the audience the confidence to try all that she does in their own kitchen. Homemade with Ebba is much more than a cooking show. It also focuses on health, nutrition and concern for the environment. The show has received strong feedback ...

Spelt pan bread

Easy and delicious .. I sometimes call it spelt naan .. This simple and tasty speltbread is so easy to make with your vegetarian soups and stews or anything else you like. I've loved it for so many years. RAW Solla taught me how to make it, bless her for it.

Healthy almond smoothie with blueberries & more

A step by step guide to making a healthy smoothie for you and your family. It is the perfect guide for those who feel insecure when it comes to making healthy food. I show you how easy it is and delicious ♥


Welcome to PureEbba! I hope I can teach you some basic, healthy, simple recipes that you will love - because that is the best way to start eating healthier #youneedtoknowhowtodoityourself .. in your own kitchen :) .. It is not as difficult as you think, it is more fun than you dear to believe and much, much easier! :)

Why do we need probiotics?

We now know that our gut flora helps us properly digest our food, protects us from pathogens (harmful microorganisms), helps us detoxify harmful compounds, produces vitamins and other nutrients, keeps our guts healthy, and balances our immune systems.

Yoghurt Desert – Stevia

Wonderful desert! Love this! Recipe: Organic muesli of your choice Organic yoghurt or greek yoghurt Via-Health vanilla stevia (around 10 drops for 180 ml of yoghurt) Fresh berries, mango or other fruits you love Grated dark chocolate (optional)