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Caramel delight

This one is looooooved by all there are never any leftovers .. it's is absolutely scrumptious! .. And of course easy to make! :)

Lentils with rice & vegetables, this dish will surprise you! (Pleasantly)

This is a lovely, delicious, very simple & inexpensive dish for the whole family to enjoy (from 8-9 months). It may not look amazingly yummy but it is! Hope you try it. You simply cook the lentils and rice (or barley, quinoa .. )  for around 40 minutes and you can do whatever you like in the meantime, play with the kids, tidy up, work, etc. Perfect for busy parents! ♥ This would serve around 3-4 people

My Hanna’s ice-cream, easy as one, two, three!

♥ This Ice-cream recipe my daughter, Hanna (10) came up with... made me very proud. She did it for her friends and just improvised. They all loved it to pieces!! ♥ Here it is... very quick and easy to make... will take you around 5 minutes!

Lovely light breakfast

♥ This is often my Hanna's breakfast ♥ I favor organic pure produce

Pear with Goji berries and Chias, babyfood

I favor organic pure produce ♥ Here you can see my Pyrex 500 ml measuring jug and handheld blender that are a perfect match for making small (or quite big) babyfood portions as well as the Goji berries in the back being soaked. ♥ I favor organic pure produce.

Sugar free lemon muffins

I love them ♥ ... they are very easy to make!

What are Chia seeds?

In Mayan, Chia means strength and has over 3000 years of history as an ancient revered crop. Chia was considered more valuable than gold to the Aztecs. Its amazing nutritional profile makes it a near complete food, providing essential protein, fats and carbohydrates as well as a wide array of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Chia is one of the highest plant based omega-3 sources, outperforming even flax seeds. It is therefore a wonderful anti-inflammatory food. The soluble fibre rich ...

Caramel Chia protein pudding

♥ I am now in love with this pudding! .. No joke! .. takes you no time to make, NO time I say! :)

Happy goji smoothie, it’s divine!!

♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ For babies after 1 years (unless you use almonds (then 9 months) or tahini (8 months) instead of the cashews)