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Mango or pear & avocado babyfood

♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ For babies 6 months and older. Please take a look at the what*when list to help you out.

Healthy and delicious chocolate mousse

  ♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ It is best to use ripe bananas and do not feed honey to children under 12 months of age. This truly tastes amazzzzzzing and is so very easy to prepare!

Hazelnut Christmas cookies

This is a recipe from my grandmother Thora, I always make them every Christmas ♥


This very yummy stroganov recipe (it's amazing and we all LOVE the sauce!!) is from my mother's sister, Gudrun, bless her, she is a Sweetheart :)

Lovely vegetable quiche

This wonderful simple meal (love it!) takes around 1 hour to be ready but it is hardly no work, your oven does most of the work for you!

After work out Caramel-Chia protein smoothie!

It’s truly delicious!! .. for parents & older kids! ?

Warm cacao

It is a must to be able to make your own warm cacao.. for those lovely Sunday mornings, for outings.. or simply whenever! ? This is my version – love it ♥

Red beet burger – yum!

Wonderful food I say! :) ♥ I favor organic pure produce.

Hummus, I love you hummus!

Hummus is an abselutely wonderful, inexpensive protein food, packed with calcium as well as healthy fats. I love it with cut vegetables as a dip! Takes around 5 minutes to make.