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This very yummy stroganov recipe (it's amazing and we all LOVE the sauce!!) is from my mother's sister, Gudrun, bless her, she is a Sweetheart :)

Lovely vegetable quiche

This wonderful simple meal (love it!) takes around 1 hour to be ready but it is hardly no work, your oven does most of the work for you!

Red beet burger – yum!

Wonderful food I say! :) ♥ I favor organic pure produce.

Hummus, I love you hummus!

Hummus is an abselutely wonderful, inexpensive protein food, packed with calcium as well as healthy fats. I love it with cut vegetables as a dip! Takes around 5 minutes to make.

Lentils with rice & vegetables, this dish will surprise you! (Pleasantly)

This is a lovely, delicious, very simple & inexpensive dish for the whole family to enjoy (from 8-9 months). It may not look amazingly yummy but it is! Hope you try it. You simply cook the lentils and rice (or barley, quinoa .. )  for around 40 minutes and you can do whatever you like in the meantime, play with the kids, tidy up, work, etc. Perfect for busy parents! ♥ This would serve around 3-4 people

Spelt pizza for Friday nights (yeast free!)

♥ I favor organic pure produce This is such a favorite... oh how we all love it... Every Friday night it's pizza night! Making your own thin organic spelt/kamut pizza base without any yeast takes no time at all! And it is light in your stomach. Serve it with rucola and garlic olive oil and you are going to sing!:) .. If you like baked vegetables on top you start by turning your oven on, washing your vegetables, thinly slice them, arrange on a baking paper, add olive oil, seasalt and pepper ...

Italian barley & vegetable soup

♥ I favor organic pure produce This is one of my favorites I have to say. It is very quick to prepare but it needs to cook for around 45 minutes. I serve mine with coldpressed olive oil and loads of parmesan cheese... :-) .. a recipe from my dear friend Edda Jónsdóttir.

Spelt spaghetti with basil, rucola & sundried tomatoes, yum!

♥ I favor organic produce This one is so seriously delicious, it is a firm favorite in my home, takes no time to prepare!

Vegetable lasagna with basil pesto

♥ I favor organic pure produce Oh how we all love this wonderful vegetable lasagna and the great news is that this is very easy to prepare, so do not let the long list of ingredients scare you away! But it needs to cook for about an hour, so you need around 90 minutes to make this in total. Serve it with green pesto and a nice salad and you will loooove me afterwards!

Lentil and vegetable soup

♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ Lentils are such a beautiful food. They are cheap, nutritious, taste great, keep well (uncooked) and are packed with good protein. I love them dearly and this soup is a firm favorite with everybody who tries it. You can puree it for your small child or mash with a fork. This lovely recipe is from my book; What should I feed my baby? It is quick and easy to make. The spelt naan bread is perfect with this soup.