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Tasty chicken soup with peanut butter, paprika and curry

This is a winner! It's from my show (2nd series) Homemade with Ebba.   It might seem difficult to make, but it is not. If you are inviting guests over for this one, it is a good idea to start early. All soups get better if they get to simmer gently for at least an hour. And chopping vegetables takes time yes. BUT you can throw everything in your food processor to make life easier for you. Especially if you are doubling the recipe (which I do often when guests are coming).  ...

Amazing salad dressing

This is one of the loveliest salad dressings ever, it honestly tastes amazing! This sauce is also perfect with fish and baked vegetables for example. (*Another easy sauce to make with fish is to blend a little bit (1 tsp ca) of organic sweet chili sauce with some (100ml ca) organic greek yoghurt or soured cream for example .. FYI .. ) Sometimes I make this as a pudding for myself when I want something really yummy and velvety to eat! Then I simply put it in a bowl and eat it with a ...

The loveliest salad dressing ever (unsweetened)

I love salad dressings. I can eat salad all day if I have the right dressing. Here is another one, where I use organic honey. It's delicous as well! :)   The recipe for this one is simply:   1 good tsp tahini or almond butter 60ml coldpressed olive oil Just a tiny bit of sea salt (optional but lovely)   Stir well in a jar or glass and pour over your salad!   What I love on my salad is lots of hemp seeds, ripe mango or dried cranberries (or both)....

Spelt mozzarella buns (yeast free!)

I love these. I have made them so often with my soups and stew I've lost count many, many years ago. I hope they will serve you and your family as well as they have served me and mine.   These are from my TV show; Homemade with Ebba It takes only 5 minutes to make them. Remember to turn on your oven in the beginning. *** Attention! These are best enjoyed with loads of olive oil and himalaya or seasalt :) Here you have a how to video:

Delicous carrot soup (vegan)

This one is ever so lovely, healthy, healing and easy to make. You chop everything real coarse (which takes much less time) because in the end you blend it with a handheld blender. Enjoy!   We always enjoy this delicious soup with these classic spelt mozzarella buns. I have not met anybody who does not love them (and love how little time it takes to make them).

Bolognese your whole family will love

This one is from my mother in law, and she makes great food, so you are in for a treat :) We never grow tired of this simple and delicious bolognese.   Photo; Arni Torfa

Quinoa pizza for the gluten intolerant – it’s lovely (just like ordinary pizza, I promise)

This is how the base looks after I've baked it for 10 minutes ..   This pizza is just as easy to make as the spelt one! No yeast, no fuss, no nothing :)   Quinoa is a very, very nutritious seed that behaves like a grain. It is very rich in iron, good fats, protein (12-18%), calcium and more. It is naturally gluten free. Quinoa has a very mild delicate, slightly nutty flavor.   Remember to splash some good quality coldpressed olive oil over your pizza before ...

Irresistible salad dressing that makes you want to eat loads of greens!

Did you know that a salad dressing containing good quality fat like organic olive oil will help you absorb better the carotenoids (phyto chemicals found in plant foods) in your salad. Carotenoids give plant foods their colour and act as antioxidants in the human body. The body produces free radicals which are harmful compounds during normal metabolism as well as when infection is present. The harmful effect of free radicals is considered a major cause of cancer, cardiovascular disease, ...

Soft boiled eggs

Soft boiled eggs are such a lovely, simple, quick and easy to make health food. Organic eggs are loaded with nutrients and even more so when less cooked (and more delicious I find!). Organic soft boiled eggs contain for example quality protein, healthy fats, iron, Vitamin A and D. I often enjoy 2 soft boiled eggs for breakfast.   ♥ Organic eggs means that the laying hens have access to the outdoors and get to roam around freely (not in cages) with enough space and lay their ...

Lovely quinoa salad

I learned to make this salad in Italy a few years ago & it has been a favorite ever since. When me and my husband are alone for dinner, we often enjoy this lovely quinoa salad. It has so many lovely flavours and so many good nutrients that you don't need anything with it I feel. It does not take a lot of time to make even thought the list of ingredients seem long. Pls don't be afraid to try it.