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Basic smoothie recipe

We often make a smoothie in the morning .. it is loved by us all. I wanted to teach you the basics, with the right quantities so you can change it anyway you like depending on what you are in the mood for, what you have, what you love, what is in season etc. and it will always taste awesome! Here is another basic smoothie recipe using organic almond milk for those who do not tolerate milk products.   To learn more about the different types of blenders and which are the most ...

Summer love

Dear friends ♥ This one is not only delicious but will help you feel fab!

After work out Caramel-Chia protein smoothie!

It’s truly delicious!! .. for parents & older kids! ?

Warm cacao

It is a must to be able to make your own warm cacao.. for those lovely Sunday mornings, for outings.. or simply whenever! ? This is my version – love it ♥

Happy goji smoothie, it’s divine!!

♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ For babies after 1 years (unless you use almonds (then 9 months) or tahini (8 months) instead of the cashews)

Almond milk

♥ I use organic almonds. ♥ From my book; What should I feed my baby? Almonds are a true superfood. They are packed with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, protein, iron, essential fat, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-B and niacin. My life is better since I started eating almonds and feeding them and almond milk to my family. When our body is well nourished from pure, whole (not processed!), organic foods that contain good fats and protein, we eat less because we need less. This is ...

Green beauty morning juice

♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ For everybody after the age of one!

Delicous berry almond smoothie!

♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ This is quick and easy and you change the berries/fruits as you like! ♥ For babies from 11 months old (except if using strawberries, then from 1 years)   Here you have another lovely basic smoothie recipe using organic Yoghurt.

Chocolate almond milk

♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ For children from 1 years ♥ I love chocolate non dairy milk. I make myself some version of this choc milk almost every day! It's always gorgeous!!:-)