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Reuse your Zip locks

Hi dear parents. It's a great idea to wash well your zip lock bags with hot water and then dry them with a clean cotton cloth/towel. Then you can use them over and over again. This is better for the environment/our earth .. and good for our wallet too :) Our earth is suffocating in plastic. I use clean glass jars with a lid for leftovers most of the time. But occasionally zip lock bags are better, like in the freezer for my blueberry harvest ..


I love stevia and use it in my organic yoghurt as well as smoothies. It makes everything taste like a desert. I also use it in my cakes and deserts along with organic coconut palm sugar, honey, dates and/or maple syrup. Stevia is .. 100% natural Contains zero Calories Does Not Affect Blood Sugar Or Weight Gain Does Not Affect Tooth Decay or Contribute to Cardiovascular Disease Up to 300 Times Sweeter Than Regular Sugar Organically Grown Tastes great But what is stevia?...