Vitamin-C for children

I recommend ascorbic acid

As an antioxidant, Vitamin-C is an incredible antiviral agent, that can help keep our immune system strong and healthy. Viruses cannot survive in a vitamin-C rich environment. When you or your children are sick I recommend taking Vitamin-C around 3 times a day if possible. Vitamin-C is non toxic but too much can cause loose bowels. You can buy organic vitamin-C tablets for children in health food stores. You can also buy Vitamin-C in powder form to mix in shakes or smoothies.


♥ For children who are sick, it is good to take around 1 gram of Vitamin-C every 5 hours if possible, (or around 3x a day while they are awake).

♥ For me; 2-3 grams of Vitamin C every 4-5 hours when sick or feeling under the weather.

♥ Vitamin-C is an important factor in collagen production. It is therefore useful in wound healing of all types.

I actually take Vitamin C most days. I put some in our shakes most days (just once a day). I feel it does me good and it also makes the skin more beautiful.

♥ Vitamin-C enhances iron absorbtion.


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