TARAMAR and wonders of the sea ..

When I started caring more about what I ate (around 20 years ago) and learning more about nutrition, organic foods, sustainability etc. etc. I remember a woman telling me that we should only put on our skin, what is safe to eat. Because everything we put on our skin, seeps into our system..

This actually made great sense to me although it took me a little time to change into all organic and pure skincare. But when I had my children, I used only organic cold pressed oils on them and sometimes organic creams (that I thought would be safe to eat!)

I therefore consider it an honour and a great pleasure to tell people about the all Icelandic, super pure, safe to eat, bioactive TARAMAR.

I have been using them for over a year now and my skin loves them dearly ♥

*The TARAMAR products are made from premium organic oils, organically grown medicinal herbs and seaweed harvested by hands in pristine areas on the West Coast of Iceland. No cruel chemicals are added to the formula and all main components are traceable to the origin, sustainably harvested and treated according to TARAMAR’s code of ethics.

“The key is in the water. Instead of lifeless deionized water we use naturally aged water that has sieved through the basalt lava for over 1000 years.”

“The formulations by TARAMAR are made from relatively few ingredients that have been specially selected to support and interact with each other in synergy. When successful, the harmonic effects can produce magical results.”

If you are interested you can read more about TARAMAR.

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