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It happens to most of us once in a while, that we are impatient and/or unfair to our children. It means we are human. We can be very tired, under a lot of stress, etc. But if, or when, that happens, it is very important to say we are sorry to our children. Of course we should all try not to do things we have to say we are sorry for. But if.., say sorry and mean it, give a warm hug and a kiss, explain that mum/dad was tired, worried or whatever. Simplify it and try not to worry them. Explain that this was not their fault, and they did not do anything wrong. It wasn’t personal. This means a lot to a child and teaches even more. It will help your child to say sorry her/himself when they should, and accept later on that he/she is not perfect either. And having said this, it is important for parents to get enough sleep and rest, just like children. But of course sometimes children are behaving in a way that we have to reprimand them and teach them. Better us than someone else later in their life, because we have failed our duties as parents to teach and coach our children into thoughtful, kind, polite and grateful people!



P.S. It is a good idea to try, most of the time:) to enjoy your children’s company. They grow up so very fast. Children’s self esteem grows, and their hearts get warmer and “bigger” when they feel mum and dad love them more than anything & enjoy spending time with them.

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