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Björg Sæm

Since I don’t like reading long reviews myself, I’ll keep this short and simple. Ebba’s book is absolutely my favorite cookbook. Not only are the recipes easy to follow and the food amazingly good and healthy, but the book itself is also beautiful to look at and full of useful information. Since I’m a big chocolate lover my favorites are the French chocolate cake and the healthy delicious raw chocolate mousse…..yum yum. When I hear of someone having a baby the first thing I think of, “I have to get them Ebba’s book”! So don’t be a couch potato, go get yourself a copy!


This book is wonderful – it clearly lays out, in friendly text and lovely colour pictures, what to feed your baby and when.

Not just a recipe book, it covers breastfeeding (and alternatives), when to start solids, weaning, information on food allergies, hygiene and about organic and natural foods. Recipes are broken down into foods to introduce from 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 months, so you know exactly when to start using certain ingredients and recipes. The recipes all look delicious and very healthy, and involve a wonderfully wide range of fruit, vegetables and grains. It couldn’t be more straightforward.

It also includes recipes for the whole family, smoothies and shakes for everyone and healthy sweet snacks and party food – the spelt waffles and chocolate and date cake in particular look amazing.

I would highly recommend this for anyone with young children.

Sigridur H Johannesdottir

Down to earth information about how to make healthy choices for your baby; family and yourself! No fuss and positive approach and no preaching. I highly recommend it, worth every penny!


I’ve used this book for my babies and it’s a great guideline for amateurs like myself. The recipes are healthy, simple and easy to make. Highly recommended.


I used this book every day when I started feeding my first child and the again when I had my second and third child. The list that tells you which food is appropriate for certain age is my favorite! My youngest child is now 3 years old and I still use the recipes from the book for the whole family. The book has saved me so much time and effort and helped me give my children and family healthy and delicious food.

Kristin JK

Great book with quick and simple recipes, not only for babies but the whole family.
An excellent source of inspiration for parents looking to start their babies journey with food the right way. 🙂


Making your baby’s or toddler’s food needn’t be time consuming or complicated – and it allows you to control the quality of ingredients, taste and freshness. Written by Ebba, this cookbook takes all the guesswork out of cooking for young children. Each chapter features fresh and wholesome ingredients that are perfectly tailored to a growing child’s need. Ebba is a ray of light that is needed to raise awareness of what it means to feed our children right from the early beginning. Upon reading this book and trying out the recipes, you realize that you actually can build a strong foundation for your babies future and health. As a public health scientist I can honestly say that this is the best baby food cookbook there is. Packed with tips and information along with nutritious recipes that are easy to prepare! I love the variety of the recipes!! It’s a MUST have for all families!


I just want to tell all the parents out there that this book is a must have. I am so grateful that I found it. Pureebba gives you precious accessible advice on nutrition & delicious but yet so simple recipes so that you can with great confidence and smile on your face prepare & feed your precious baby healthy nutritious food from the start. You also find in it wonderful recipes for the whole family to enjoy together. This is the only cookbook I seem to reach for all the time. I highly recommend it!

Sigga Lara

I highly recommend this book for parents to be, new parent, people that are looking for healthy, tasty and easy recipes … Everything taste so good and is really easy to make, I bought this book when my baby girl was 3 months old ( she is now) 3 years old, my idea was to learn to make baby food healthy and easy and get info about this and that for infant parents, in the end this is the most used cookbook in my home, the cooking in my home has changes big time and with this book my older children finally are eating all kinds of vegetable. This book gets easy 5 stars from me and my family!


This book is highly regarded in our home. You will not find a better guide to make nutritious, wholesome AND tasty food. Ebba has had a profound effect on myself and my family. I went from frying canned foods to cooking everything from scratch to eating fruit and vegetables like there’s no tomorrow. Be aware that it’ll be much more difficult for you to buy take-out for dinner. My older daughter WILL NOT eat pizza that isn’t cooked from the recipe in this book. The reason? It’s not healthy. Oh, the woes of a pizza-lovin’ dad.

Ebba is actually quite the celebrity in her home country, Iceland. She’s been giving seminars for parents and parents-to-be for several years. She’s also made quite a few short cooking shows for the largest news website,

Order the book, and even if you don’t start using it right away, just put it somewhere your kids can see it. I guarantee they’ll bring you around eventually just by flipping through the pages and pointing out dishes they’d like to have.

Full disclosure, the author, Ebba, is my sister. Two of the children on the cover are mine, guess correctly which ones and I’ll give you a virtual high-five!


This book is full of fantastic recipes, from the homemade snacks for the youngest, stored in the freezer and easy to heat to tasty waffle ideas. Something for everyone!!

Gerdur Hlin

I can highly recommend this book. I love this book and don’t know what I would have done without it. It has a tons of helpful hints and a great nutritious recipes, that are so tasty and easy to make, not only for babies but for the whole family to enjoy. I have also actually purchased this book for several friends as a baby shower gift – and they love it as well!

♥ Hannah

Although I do not have any children myself, I spend much of my time with babies and young kids both through family and nannying jobs. I believe one of the most important responsibilities we have as adults is to make sure the children around us are as healthy as possible, and this book gives a brilliant overview of the important foods and vitamins we should be giving them.

The book has a great balance of checklists, in-depth explanations and background info of nutrients and food groups, as well as recipes for both babies and the whole family. I personally think the recipes are delicious (even for adult dinner parties!) and I feel that I have a much better understanding of not only what children need but what foods I should be eating as well.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is planning on having children, anyone who already has children, or anyone who just wants to understand the basic principles of organic and nutritional living and eating.

Carene Fourie

What should I feed my baby? is one of the best recipe books I have ever owned!! The recipes are delicious and easy, not only for babies, but for the whole household. This book helped me to make easy, healthy changes to my diet and I can feel the difference! This book is a must, not only for mothers, but for any person who strive to live a happy, healthy life!

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