Kids can make waffles

Dear parents.

From 10 years old your children can make waffles by themselves at home. Simply teach them to work the waffle iron and help them out for the first time they do the recipe and after that they can do it without any trouble!

Hanna is now 14 and she has been making waffles after school since she was 10 and now Haflidi (10 years old, almost 11) has followed in her footsteps. He often makes waffles for him and his friends after school.

Waffles you make at home from good quality ingredients are much healthier than most store bought bread.

Here Haflidi is making chocolate as well .. melting dark chocolate in a little bit of butter, cream or milk – very pleased with himself. Try to block that the door is open into my hectic washing room!! 🙂

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