Just a quick

.. note, reminding you of telling your children very often:

1. That you love them just the way they are.

2. That you are always on their side.

3. That they can always confide in you, you are there for them, you can always help them (even though they can’t see how) because you are older and wiser 🙂

4. That they are beautiful and kind, brave and strong.

5. That they should give thanks, before they go to sleep, for all the good things they have and then make a wish, because wishes can come true.

6. That the most important thing they possess is what is in their heart; their love ♥ empathy and kindness.

7. To be kind to people, because that is how we draw out the best in everybody.

8. That every act of kindness, comes back to them.

9. To listen to their heart, because it always knows the way.

10. That nobody is perfect, but we all have special gifts and talents.

11. That there is enough space for everybody to shine and thrive.

12. To stay positive and grateful because it will make their life much better.

13. That you feel so lucky and so grateful being their mom/dad.

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