Forewords from my book What should I feed my baby?

Dear parents.

I truly hope my book and this website will help you feed your precious baby nutritious food, making your child happy and healthy. I also hope it will encourage everybody else in your family to eat a healthier diet, and in doing so experience how good it tastes, how easy it is and how it benefits you in every way. I believe that it improves our quality of life to eat a varied diet of fresh, natural products instead of processed, dead food. How can such food give us life and energy when it is lifeless itself?

Following a healthy diet isn’t always easy; nobody eats healthy food all the time (I don’t). So be kind to yourself when you are tired, overwhelmed or simply feeling a bit under the weather.Taking good care of your baby is hard work! But what you will discover very quickly is that you have much more energy, physically and mentally, when you eat nutritious food. You will also start looking your best.

All the best to you all and I hope I will see you often here, on Facebook and Twitter! 🙂

Sincerely yours,



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