Cyberbully the movie

Dear parents .. friends.

I’ve just watched this movie with my children and I recommend it to all families where there are kids that have started using instragram, Facebook, etc.

It creates basis for great discussions, very much needed.

I also think it is important to explain to children that their internet history is written by them. It will be possible to dig up everything said and done (if somebody really wants to) later in life. So better to have used kind words and not the opposite.. (deleting not enough because of screenshots for example).

And of course to be kind to our children, have fun with them, speak to them, explain to them, love them, hug them and kiss them, tell them how wonderful and unique they are .. it gives them courage and healthy confidence which makes them less prone to wanting to say bad things about, or to, other people.

Be fair, be kind, no judging, see people with your heart & life will be richer and much, much more beautiful ♥

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