Coldpressed olive oil – makes you beautiful!

Dear friends.

In case you didn’t know I wanted to tell you how healthy it is for us all to eat coldpressed olive oil.. I pour it over almost

everything I eat! .. and I’ve never been better:)

Olive oil;

*Is delicious!

*Helps your digestion

*Is anti imflammatory

*Stabilizes your bloodsugar

*Gives you good energy

*Helps curve sugar cravings as well as helps you eat less in general (I’m a living proof!)

*Lubricates us from the inside and out, making our skin more beautiful and helps to protect our joints as well.

*Olive oil as well as all good fats makes us feel full and happy. We are much more unlikely to overeat when we eat sufficient amounts of good fats.

How to eat olive oil?


1. In my home we all love grilled slices of spelt sourdough bread (as a treat, I keep slices in my freezer) and when ready we pour olive oil over each slice and sprinkle a bit of himalayasalt over too and enjoy with a vegetable soup or stew. Yum 🙂

2. On the photo I am pouring olive oil over my quinoa porridge. Delicious!

3. We also always pour garlic olive oil over our Friday pizza (press 2 garlic cloves into a jar and add quality olive oil).

4. And of course on your salad – green or mozzarella salad .. LOVE it ♥

5. If you use olive oil for frying, heat it up slowly (very important) and then it will not be damaged and become unhealthy. It tolerates at least 200°C.


*Add olive oil to your warm water in the morning if you are constipated, it lubricates everything. Also take magnesium citrate/sitrat or magnozone every morning and evening.

*I recommend only buying oils that are coldpressed and in dark (glass)bottles. All good fat is sensitive to heat, light and oxygen. I keep my linseed oil and my hempseed oil in my fridge since both are super-delicate. I put them in our shakes for omega-3 fatty acids but I (and my children fortunately) find it no problem to also eat them by the spoonfull 🙂

*Linseed oil is especially helpful for your digestion and bowel movements. I recommend it for children from 6 months old.

*Hempseed oil is especially helpful for your skin – I recommend it for children from 6 months old and especially if you or your children suffer from dry skin and/or eczema (as well as olive oil and good fats in general).

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