About my book ♥

What should I feed my baby? Is a simple but thorough guide for parents who want to introduce their baby to wholesome and nutritious food right from the start. Introducing your growing child to the right foods from the word go will help them establish a habit of lifelong healthy eating. The simple guidelines in the book are designed to help everyone, not just the skilled cooks. The information and recipes in the book will furthermore benefit everyone from vegans and vegetarians to the devoted meat lovers.

What should I feed my baby? is also a great guideline for those who would like to change to a more healthy nutritious living foods diet but have no clue where to start.

What should I feed my baby? was originally published in Iceland in 2007. It is recommended to parents by professionals in Iceland. All of Pure Ebba’s recipes have been enjoyed by her family and friends. Ebba has been lecturing on nutrition and family lifestyle since 2006 and appears regularly on televison.

What should I feed my baby? takes a parent from baby’s first taste of solid food at around 4 to 6 months to 12 months and beyond, and includes:

A detailed list of organic and superfoods that your baby can eat at certain ages (from 4-6 to 12 months)

Guidelines on how & when to wean your baby

Guidelines and information on fruit, vegetables, seeds, almonds, nuts, whole grains, essential fat and superfoods

♥ Healthy, simple & delicious recipes for babies and young children

♥ Healthy, simple & delicious recipes for the whole family to enjoy together

Healthy, simple & delicious recipes for special occasions, such as baby’s birthday!

All kinds of easy to understand information on nutrition as well as a healthy, happy lifestyle!

.. and much more!

What should I feed my baby? has helped numerous parents feed their babies healthier foods and contributed to changing the lifestyle of the whole family. Ebba’s love for people and their well-being along with her positive, happy energy has been an inspiration and help to people of all ages.

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