A few secrets from my book ..

Vegetables lose nutrients over time so it is best to choose fresh ones from your store. You can also ask on what days new deliveries are brought into your local store. And if you have a farmers market in your vicinity or can buy from a local farmer that is truly great. I would ask if pesticides are used.

Remember to only peel the part of the fruit you are going to use. Put the rest of the fruit with its peel on in a closed bag/box and keep in the fridge.

Ripe fruits are much healthier for us than unripe (more alkalizing, for instance, which is very positive for our bodies). They also taste much better, usually sweeter and are softer and juicier.

I do recommend good quality steel or enamel pots or saucepans when cooking for your family and that you do not use Teflon material which is supposedly highly toxic when heated. I advise you to Google that one and learn more.

I always take off my make up in the night with warm water and coconut oil. Love it. I also use it as a body lotion before bathing, also for my face. I brush my skin towards the heart, put some coconut oil on and bathe. Lovely. I never use soap except for my hair (organic, love Purepact). Oddly enough coconut oil has an inbuilt natural sun protection, and furthermore it is also antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial.

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