Green Juice

I love my green juice. My day is better when I make myself one in the morning. in Iceland taught me this, I can not thank her enough. Cheers to your health!

Healthy chocolate mousse

Here I am making one of my favorite deserts, chocolate mousse with amazing ingredients; avocado, banana, organic cold pressed coconut oil, organic coconut water, organic agave syrup/honey, raw organic cacao, vanilla and sea salt... it is heaven and it will make you thin!:)

Chia porridge

I love Chia seeds! Here I show you how easy it is to make your own chia porridge and why you should bother. I also love my chia seeds with homemade almond milk. It is amazing I tell you!:) *I normally eat around 1/3 a cup of chia's in around 1 cup of almond milk for one meal, usually as breakfast:)

Almond milk

It is so easy to make your own almond milk and it tastes so good and it is such a lovely addition to any healthy diet. Here I show you how and furthermore how to make your own almond chocolate milk which is too good to be true really!

Green Puree

Here I am making an incredibly nutritious avocado yogurt which is actually a wonderful baby food as well.