Reviews for What should I feed my baby?

♥ Björg Sæm Since I don't like reading long reviews myself, I'll keep this short and simple. Ebba's book is absolutely my favorite cookbook. Not only are the recipes easy to follow and the food amazingly good and healthy, but the book itself is also beautiful to look at and full of useful information. Since I'm a big chocolate lover my favorites are the French chocolate cake and the healthy delicious raw chocolate mousse.....yum yum. When I hear of someone having a baby the ...

French chocolate cake

♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ From my book; What should I feed my baby?) Most French chocolate cakes contain around 180g sugar. I use 140g and 20 drops of vanilla or caramel stevia instead. I feel the end result is the same :)

Lentil and vegetable soup

♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ Lentils are such a beautiful food. They are cheap, nutritious, taste great, keep well (uncooked) and are packed with good protein. I love them dearly and this soup is a firm favorite with everybody who tries it. You can puree it for your small child or mash with a fork. This lovely recipe is from my book; What should I feed my baby? It is quick and easy to make. The spelt naan bread is perfect with this soup.

Delicious spelt carrot cake

♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ It may seem difficult to make but it is not I tell you! :)

Oatmeal porridge with apples, banana or other you love!

This is an inexpensive, easy, healthy & lovely breakfast ( .. lunch, dinner ... :) ) ♥ Also for babies (who can chew) from 7 months. You can easily purée or grate the fruits into their porridge. Here you have the What*When babyfood list to help you out.

Mango, pear and banana babyfood

♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ For babies from 7 months

Chocolate almond milk

♥ I favor organic pure produce ♥ For children from 1 years ♥ I love chocolate non dairy milk. I make myself some version of this choc milk almost every day! It's always gorgeous!!:-)

Silk and wool for babies

♥ This guy always wears silk and wool undergarments just like his sister... doctor's order :) ♥ From my book; What should I feed my baby? Dear friends I want to tell you about my two favorite materials for babies and children (and grownups!) Since my children were born, I have dressed them in silk and woollen underwear and hats, and I still do to this day (they are now 7 and 10 years old). My son gets warm very easily, but regardless he is always quick to reach for ...

Finger food suggestions

♥ From my book; What should I feed my baby? Dear parents. Giving your child finger foods to eat allows them to practise their manual dexterity and co-ordination. Babies can usually start eating finger foods around 7–9 months old. It varies between children when they are ready. Parents need only make sure that they are never alone when eating finger foods and make necessary arrangements so that food does not get stuck in their throat. They cannot eat in the car! To ...

A few secrets from my book ..

♥ Vegetables lose nutrients over time so it is best to choose fresh ones from your store. You can also ask on what days new deliveries are brought into your local store. And if you have a farmers market in your vicinity or can buy from a local farmer that is truly great. I would ask if pesticides are used. ♥ Remember to only peel the part of the fruit you are going to use. Put the rest of the fruit with its peel on in a closed bag/box and keep in the fridge. ♥ Ripe ...