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Coldpressed olive oil – makes you beautiful!

Dear friends. In case you didn't know I wanted to tell you how healthy it is for us all to eat coldpressed olive oil.. I pour it over almost everything I eat! .. and I've never been better:) Olive oil; *Is delicious! *Helps your digestion *Is anti imflammatory *Stabilizes your bloodsugar *Gives you good energy *Helps curve sugar cravings as well as helps you eat less in general (I'm a living proof!) *Lubricates us from the inside and out, making our skin more beautiful ...

Lovely quinoa salad

I learned to make this salad in Italy a few years ago & it has been a favorite ever since. When me and my husband are alone for dinner, we often enjoy this lovely quinoa salad. It has so many lovely flavours and so many good nutrients that you don't need anything with it I feel. It does not take a lot of time to make even thought the list of ingredients seem long. Pls don't be afraid to try it.