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Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.

– Elizabeth Bibesco

Latest Recipes
15. November, 2017

Almond cake

Oh you are going to love this one!   And just FYI, I love coffee, coffee and a cake .. ...
9. June, 2017

Tasty chicken soup with peanut butter, paprika and curry

This is a winner! It's from my show (2nd series) Homemade with Ebba.   It might seem ...
22. September, 2017

Glutenfree waffles

For those who cannot even tolerate the spelt waffles (they are much easier on the stomach than the ...
4. June, 2017

Gluten free caramel delight

I love this one. Did you know that dates are the best option to sweeten your life with. I highly ...
Latest blogs
5. December, 2016

What When Babyfood List

Here you have guidelines to help you out regarding when you can start feeding your baby different kinds of healthy foods. This is not carved in stone .. it's merely a guideline that might also help parents remember to feed their baby something ...
28. September, 2016

Mixing it up

Dear friends. A friend came over last week and spoke about how she had started eating more nuts after lunch and until supper to curb her sugar cravings. This reminded me to remind you of this lovely option which is so easy to take with anywhere or ...
21. September, 2016

TARAMAR and wonders of the sea ..

When I started caring more about what I ate (around 20 years ago) and learning more about nutrition, organic foods, sustainability etc. etc. I remember a woman telling me that we should only put on our skin, what is safe to eat. Because everything ...
8. September, 2016

Cold pressed coconut oil for babies and parents

Cold pressed coconut oil is wonderful to rub your skin with before you shower or bathe. It makes your skin very soft and beautiful and protects it from drying in the water. I often dry brush my skin towards the heart before I shower, rub it with ...
Latest videos
25. August, 2017

Christmas caramel ice-cream

This is a recipe from a Christmas Special aired on our state owned channel in Iceland, RUV, in December 2014. I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Homemade with Ebba is distributed world wide by Off the fence.
21. August, 2017

Yeast free Cheese buns

This is a recipe from the first season of Homemade with Ebba, which is distributed world wide by Off the fence.
4. June, 2017

Bloopers (Homemade with Ebba)

What could possibly go wrong .. ? 🙂
6. December, 2016

Homemade by Ebba - INTRO * 1st Serie

Homemade with Ebba is redefining modern family TV cooking shows. It is a breath of fresh air hosted by Ebba, a natural, authentic talent that effortlessly connects with her audience. Her passion and love of cooking is contagious and effortlessly ...

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