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Irresistible salad dressing that makes you want to eat loads of greens!

Did you know that a salad dressing containing good quality fat like organic olive oil will help you absorb better the carotenoids (phyto chemicals found in plant foods) in your salad. Carotenoids give plant foods their colour and act as antioxidants in the human body. The body produces free radicals which are harmful compounds during normal metabolism as well as when infection is present. The harmful effect of free radicals is considered a major cause of cancer, cardiovascular disease, ...

Mixing it up

Dear friends. A friend came over last week and spoke about how she had started eating more nuts after lunch and until supper to curb her sugar cravings. This reminded me to remind you of this lovely option which is so easy to take with anywhere or have at home to enjoy whenever. You of course simply buy those nuts you love (I buy organic) for instance: Macadamians Walnuts Cashews Almonds   .. and I like a little bit of sweetness to go with it .. (some do, and some don't - your ...

Basic smoothie recipe

We often make a smoothie in the morning .. it is loved by us all. I wanted to teach you the basics, with the right quantities so you can change it anyway you like depending on what you are in the mood for, what you have, what you love, what is in season etc. and it will always taste awesome! Here is another basic smoothie recipe using organic almond milk for those who do not tolerate milk products.

Cold pressed coconut oil for babies and parents

Cold pressed coconut oil is wonderful to rub your skin with before you shower or bathe. It makes your skin very soft and beautiful and protects it from drying in the water. I often dry brush my skin towards the heart before I shower, rub it with coconut oil and then shower. The warmth of the water helps the oil to penetrate the skin and body (which is good) and the oil also takes away all smell. So rub those armpits too! :) This makes it completely unnecessary to use any soap. I only use ...

Favorite chocolate chip muffins

Just like all recipes I post on this website this is a favorite loved dearly by everybody. My Hanna is now 14 and has been making these all by her self for the last two years whenever she feels like it :) I am sure you will enjoy them as well. *I use organic ingredients whenever I can. *This recipe is in an Icelandic recipe book I wrote for Lazy town. In it where wholesome recipes and choices for children and their families. It quickly sold out in Iceland.. Here is my ...

Icelandic pancakes

Pancakes have been enjoyed at tea time in Icelandic homes for centuries (as in many other countries) .. Some love them with sugar inside, others love whipped cream and jam. My son often asks his grandmother to make pancakes when he comes over for a visit .. and she always does :) The pancakes she makes as well as my grandmothers and mother are very, very thin and that is how we love them (and it makes it easier to eat many without becoming full to soon!) I use organic fine spelt in my ...

Holy matrimony!

This cake is called 'matrimonial bliss´ in Iceland .. This a very old recipe, which I think every Icelandic family has and fond memories to go with it. It is much loved to say the least and that is because it is very quick and easy to make and it tastes delicious.

Basic chia pudding

♥ I favor organic pure produce Chia seeds do not have a lot of taste so they are very easy to enjoy with whatever has more taste and you love! They are loaded with calcium, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, very easy to digest fiber and protein. They therefore help stabilize bloodsugar levels, which is very important if you want to maintain good health. I always take chia seeds with me when I am travelling because it is so easy to make. Chia pudding is by far my favorite breakfast. ...

Appetizing oatmeal with berries & almond milk

♥ This berry sweet porridge tastes wonderful, like a desert really. It's also quick & easy to make, utterly perfect for busy mornings. It will take you around 5 minutes to make.   Remember healthy fats with your breakfast, especially for children.

Adorable chia take away!

This is very often my daughter's lunch in school. Probably because it is so quick and easy to make and very nutritious .. and she loves it :)