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  • Just a quick

    .. note, reminding you of telling your children very often:

    1. That you love them just the way they are.

    2. That you are always on their side.

    3. That …
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  • Cyberbully the movie

    Dear parents .. friends.

    I've just watched this movie with my children and I recommend it to all families where there are kids that have started using …
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  • Sorry

    Tags: Relax, yoga, meditating

    Dear friends .. parents ♥

    It happens to most of us once in a while, that we are impatient or unfair to our children. It means we are human. We …
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  • Happy new year!

    Dear all of you, each and everyone of you out there ... with all my heart I wish you a happy & wonderful new year! May all your sweet dreams come true! …
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  • Christmas is coming ..

    Tags: Christmas

    Christmas is coming. Just wanted to say to all parents out there, try to relax and enjoy, listen to christmas carols and light a candle maybe .. The …
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  • Friends!

    Tags: Fun, friends

    If your children are shy or do not have many friends, it is a great idea to always encourage them to invite friends over & make it clear that …
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  • Stevia

    Tags: stevia, smoothies, treats

    I love stevia and use it in my organic yoghurt as well as smoothies. I also use it in my cakes/deserts along with organic coconut palm sugar, honey & …
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