Glutenfree waffles

For those who cannot even tolerate the spelt waffles (they are much easier on the stomach than the typical wheat waffles since the gluten in spelt is water soluble) you do not have to despair!   These are wonderful as well and very easy to make.

Christmas caramel ice-cream

This is a recipe from a Christmas Special aired on our state owned channel in Iceland, RUV, in December 2014. I hope you enjoy it :) Homemade with Ebba is distributed world wide by Off the fence.   Christmas caramel ice-cream 400 ml cream, whipped 2 eggs, organic 100g organic palmyra jaggery OR coconut palm sugar  10 drops organic caramel stevia (you can skip it and add more sugar) 30g mulberries, chopped or blended in a blender (you can skip them but lovely I ...

Yeast free Cheese buns

This is a recipe from the first season of Homemade with Ebba, which is distributed world wide by Off the fence.   Here is the recipe :) 

Tasty chicken soup with peanut butter, paprika and curry

This is a winner! It's from my show (2nd series) Homemade with Ebba.   It might seem difficult to make, but it is not. If you are inviting guests over for this one, it is a good idea to start early. All soups get better if they get to simmer gently for at least an hour. And chopping vegetables takes time yes. BUT you can throw everything in your food processor to make life easier for you. Especially if you are doubling the recipe (which I do often when guests are coming).  ...

Bloopers (Homemade with Ebba)

What could possibly go wrong .. ? :)

Gluten free caramel delight

I love this one. Did you know that dates are the best option to sweeten your life with. I highly recommend them for your cakes, smoothies etc.   And it is perfect to give small children dates (pitted!) as candy. Probably best to cut them in half for a young child. They will be very happy with dates (prunes and other dried fruit) for their first few years :) .. I recommend organic dates. If you buy non organic dried fruit it can have been treated with sulphur dioxide. I advise you to ...

Amazing salad dressing

This is one of the loveliest salad dressings ever, it honestly tastes amazing! This sauce is also perfect with fish and baked vegetables for example. (*Another easy sauce to make with fish is to blend a little bit (1 tsp ca) of organic sweet chili sauce with some (100ml ca) organic greek yoghurt or soured cream for example .. FYI .. ) Sometimes I make this as a pudding for myself when I want something really yummy and velvety to eat! Then I simply put it in a bowl and eat it with a ...

Gluten free mozzarella buns

.. and they are perfect with your soup or anything else you like.   We always eat them with loads of olive oil and sea salt. I sincerely hope you enjoy them.   Here you have the spelt version :)

Heil og sæl vinir.   Mig langaði að minna ykkur öll á þar sem eru stutt örmyndbönd og uppskriftir að nokkrum mjög sígildum snarlréttum fyrir unga fólkið (og alla hina). Það skiptir miklu máli að kenna börnum og unglingum nokkrar grunn uppskriftir sem þau geta svo byggt á, í framtíðinni. Láta þau líka venjast því að útbúa sér mat sjálf. Það tekur smá tíma og það þarf að ganga frá, en það er allt í lagi. Þetta er hluti af ...

Helena’s delicious date cake, gluten, dairy and sugarfree

What a winner this one is! :)   Enjoy ♥   Here below you have the version with spelt and butter in the base (instead of almonds, desiccated coconut and coconut oil).