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    Ebba is a primary school teacher and an expert on nutrition. She is a married mother of 10 year old Hanna and 7 year old Haflidi, living in Reykjavik, Iceland.

    Ebba started writing her book, What …
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    Hi there and welcome! I am so very happy to see you ♥

    My name is Ebba and I sincerely want to help you feed your family pure and nutritious foods, that will make you happy and healthy!
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  • About my book ♥

    What should I feed my baby? is a simple but thorough guide for parents who want to introduce their baby to wholesome and nutritious food right from the start. Introducing your growing
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  • Summer love

    Dear friends ♥

    This one is not only delicious but will help you feel fab!

    1/3 small watermelon

    1-2 cm piece of ginger (half a thumb maybe) - …
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