My name is Ebba and I sincerely want to help you feed your family pure and nutritious foods, that will make you happy and healthy!

So long as you can sweeten another’s pain, life is not in vain.

-Helen Keller

Latest Recipes
25. August, 2016

Adorable chia take away!

This is very often my daughter's lunch in school. Probably because it is so quick and easy to make ...
2. May, 2016

The best Pecan pie I have ever tasted

Yes .. I am always humble .. it is one of my finest traits. I've always had a soft spot for pies ...
17. August, 2016

Organic Yoghurt with chia seeds and linseed oil for babies from 9 months

and adults for that matter! This is the easiest babyfood to make on the planet. It is very ...
5. June, 2015

Summer love

Dear friends ♥ This one is not only delicious but will help you feel fab!
Latest blogs
23. August, 2016

Crispy waffles

If you want to keep your waffles crispy while baking a few (instead of sweaty) simply spread them out on a baking rack similar to this one!
17. August, 2016

Soft boiled eggs

Soft boiled eggs are such a lovely, simple, quick and easy to make health food. Organic eggs are loaded with nutrients and even more so when less cooked (and more delicious I find!). Organic soft boiled eggs contain for example quality protein, ...
19. August, 2015

Being disabled

Haflidi, almost 10 years old, is my son. I knew when I was 20 weeks pregnant that Haflidi would be born without legs. Not knowing what this would mean for his future, my husband and I were worried and confused. When we returned home after the ...
2. June, 2015

Coldpressed olive oil - makes you beautiful!

Dear friends. In case you didn't know I wanted to tell you how healthy it is for us all to eat coldpressed olive oil.. I pour it over almost everything I eat! .. and I've never been better:) Olive oil; *Is delicious! *Helps your digesti...

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My latest book available now on Amazon! Healthy, simple & delicious recipes for busy parents!

My latest book available now on Amazon! Healthy, simple & delicious recipes for busy parents!

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