Hi, my name is Ebba and I would love to help you feed your family pure, nutritious and delicious foods, that will make them happy and healthy!

Although I am a typical loner in my daily life, my awareness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice has prevented me from feelings of isolation.

-Albert Einstein

Latest Recipes
2. February, 2017

Bolognese your whole family will love

This one is from my mother in law, and she makes great food, so you are in for a treat ­čÖé We never ...
14. December, 2016

Very Icelandic Christmas cake

This is a cake that my Ebba (born 1911, I am named after her) used to bake a lot, and not only ...
23. January, 2017

Quinoa pizza for the gluten intolerant - it's lovely (just like ordinary pizza, I promise)

This is how the base looks after I've baked it for 10 minutes ..   This pizza is ...
8. November, 2016

Chocolate cake with dates instead of white sugar

It's easy and delicious to swap the white refined sugar in cakes and treats with dates. Dates are ...
Latest blogs
28. September, 2016

Mixing it up

Dear friends. A friend came over last week and spoke about how she had started eating more nuts after lunch and until supper to curb her sugar cravings. This reminded me to remind you of this lovely option which is so easy to take with anywhere or ...
21. September, 2016

TARAMAR and wonders of the sea ..

When I started caring more about what I ate (around 20 years ago) and learning more about nutrition, organic foods, sustainability etc. etc. I remember a woman telling me that we should only put on our skin, what is safe to eat. Because everything ...
8. September, 2016

Cold pressed coconut oil for babies and parents

Cold pressed coconut oil is wonderful to rub your skin with before you shower or bathe. It makes your skin very soft and beautiful and protects it from drying in the water. I often dry brush my skin towards the heart before I shower, rub it with ...
8. September, 2016

Reuse your Zip locks

Hi dear parents. It's a great idea to wash well your zip lock bags with hot water and then dry them with a clean cotton cloth/towel. Then you can use them over and over again. This is better for the environment/our earth .. and good for our ...

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